what season is it in spain in january


Malaga was named by Trip Advisor as the 7th best destination in the “Traveler’s Choice 2013 – Top 10 Destinations of Spain” list. Stores usually get busy for a week or two in January, but you can find items that are so heavily discounted, it makes it worth braving the crowds. Note: contrary to predictions from the Costa Rican weather services that El Niño would delay or mitigate the onset, the 2019 rainy season is right on time and more intense than normal. And if you're a winter sports fan you can find good skiing in Spain in January. 4. It’s one huge drumline where locals take to the streets beating their drums until sunrise. 4. Only spring and autumn is sometimes blessed with occasional rainfall. Best time of year to visit . Best of all, you can enjoy steep discounts on flights and hotels. The smallest chance that a given day will be within the growing season in Barcelona during January is 45% on January 16. Southern Spain is the warmest. The guides and drivers, particularly Miguel, Daniel, and Inma were so knowledgeable and ...", Traveled to Spain as a group in February, 2020, "Our trip to Spain, planned by Patricia of Your Trip to Spain, was perfect in every way. If you are joining that crowd you have a lot of great options, though very few of them will come cheap. In Argentina and other southern-hemisphere countries, spring starts in September. 5. Needless to say, there is ample eating, drinking, and partying until dawn. The number of tourists is significantly lower, the lodging offer is large, and the airfares are more attractive. In Spain, Epiphany on January 6 is a public holiday and the day people exchange most of their Christmas presents. Weather in January January is an off tourist season in Italy, mainly because of the fact winters can be cold, even damp in some parts of the country. January: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, grapefruit, kale, leeks, lemons, oranges, parsnips, rutabagas, tangelos, tangerines, turnips. The Gobierno de España has released seasonal calendar of frutas y verduras in Spain so you can make sure you are buying the freshest produce every season of the year. In the autonomous community of Galicia, located in north-western Spain, the climate is different from what is normally expected in Spain, in fact, it is mild oceanic, with relatively mild, rainy winters and cool, quite sunny summers.In summer, however, short heat waves are possible, with highs around or … It is affected by the shape of the mountain - the jagged top of the mountain and the sudden changes in altitude mean that there can be sharp contrasts in climate over very short distances. Palm, orange and almond trees grace its over 200 kilometres of fine sandy beaches and its calm waters. For many Spaniards, Jan. 6th, not Dec 25th, is officially Christmas day. Pretty much everywhere on earth that has warm weather in January has its peak season for hotel rates from Christmas through the first week in January. Constitution Day marks the anniversary of the referendum to approve the Spanish Constitution and is a public holiday in Spain. There are no official allocations of the four seasons, though, and in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed. The percentage indicates the probability of having the weather indicated. Enjoy a gastronomic itinerary from Madrid to San Sebastian and Bilbao. For example, Buenos Aires, which is situated in the central region of this country, has a temperature around 86 degrees Fahrenheit in January, and a temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit in July. The magic of the season is alive and well. The shoulder season is a very attractive time to visit. Montserrat has what the monastery describe as 'a damp Mediterranean climate'. If you are desperate for sunbathing, even in January, you’d do well to head to the Canary Islands. Events and Festivals in Barcelona in January 2020 Three Kings Parade (5th January) In Spain, we don’t have Santa bringing presents to the children but the Three Wise Men.As a kid, I remember the most exiting night of the year was January 5th, when the Three Kings arrived to my city loaded with presents. Rain is very rare in Madrid. Spanish winters are generally cold and dry, but milder than in neighboring European countries. Although it may not be warm enough to lounge on the beach or swim, it's still warm enough to walk around without freezing to death, while still enjoying outdoor dining when the sun is out. Tour was well thought out and we had a great time. Madrid's winter weather can be extremely unpredictable, ranging from bitterly cold to surprisingly mild. Among all these seasons, summer is considered as the peak season as most tourists come to Madrid in this season. To conclude, it is important to note that the names of months in Spanish are NOT capitalized unless they are the first word in a sentence. Peak Season in Spain. In spite of the disadvantage of being one of the coldest months of the year, in January Barcelona offers two advantages above those that you’ll experience throughout the rest of the year. One of the main attractions of any holiday to Spain is the fantastic cuisine, which … Rainfall. Winter is also the hosting season for holding the best festivals in the country. Below is an overview of Madrid weather, season by season, including sunshine and rainfall patterns, temperatures, and the different types of clothing you should bring for each time of the year. Photo Credit: Andre Chêdas, Text Overlay: Devour Barcelona Food Tours Follow the Reyes parade. Immaculate Conception The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is a Christian observance on December 8 each year. Average rainfall (mm): 17 mm Average rainy days (>=1mm): 3 Winter is the rainiest season in Lanzarote, with December being the month with the most amount of rain usually.. Best of Spain Highlights - 8 Days. Ramon listened to our interests and created an outstanding itinerary! On top of that, winter in Spain considered the low season and even the best places to stay in Valencia can be rented at quite affordable prices. While there are a few regular events held each year, every city is sure to have its own rotating calendar of art exhibitions, theater performances, and concerts too. Madrid is at its best in the spring, even though you will risk getting some rainfall during March, April and even May. A quick search of Google Flights and Skyscanner will reveal transatlantic flights that are often hundreds of dollars less than they would cost in the peak summer season. 3. The tapas culture in Barcelona and Andalusia is alive and well throughout the year, and you can get a great paella anytime in Valencia, which is the city where that iconic Spanish dish was invented. If you're in Spain for New Year's Eve, ring in the holiday at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid; here you'll find costumed revelers, confetti, and more. Food and Culture in Basque Country - 10 Days. During winter, temperatures in Spain vary between 5 degrees Celsius to 14 degrees Celsius and the weather is absolutely perfect for sightseeing. Even in Andalucia, the highest temperature is about 60° F (16° C), and evenings can get down to the 40°s F. That being said, there are plenty of good reasons to visit Spain in February, including some lively carnival parties in Cadiz, Madrid, and the Canary Islands to celebrate the beginning of Lent. January on Inland in Spain. Again, Northern Spain is the coldest, then central Spain, then Barcelona and along the coast. With 160 miles (259 km) of ski runs, Aramon is the biggest. However, it is by no means the wettest month of the year, which is usually November. Immaculate Conception The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is a Christian observance on December 8 each year. The Sierra Nevada Mountains, near the southern coast, has some of the best skiing/snowboarding conditions in the country. Another good destination is Zaragoza, the capital of Spain's Aragon region. Christmas in Spain — the actual proper holiday — lasts a full 14 days, from December 24 through January 6. I just left Portugal in October and have a strong desire to head to Spain this time around. Average temperatures for January at cities throughout Spain are listed below in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. You should expect some rain every other day or so and will definitely need a jacket, especially at night. Clothing: Dress in layers and take your coat, gloves, and a hat. The southern part of the Region of Valencia has a warm Mediterranean climate all year round. Although generally not quite as big, it's also worth checking out the mid-season sales (between March-June and September-November). While you won't be fighting heavy crowds in January in Spain, you will need to bundle up—just a bit—to combat the decreased temperatures. You can jump to a separate table for each section of the country: East, Northeast, Northwest, Central, Balearic Islands and South of Spain. But with rain expected on two-out-of-three days, you might welcome a cold, dry day occasionally!Â. In the Dominican Republic, which is a tropical country, there isn’t even a real spring season! The same is true for San Sebastian, Spain's northeastern coastal gem of a city. The smallest chance that a given day will be within the growing season in Barcelona during January is 45% on January 16. In winter if the sun is shining bright, it can easily get up to 50 or even 60 (in the South) degrees Fahrenheit during the high point of the day. Both the Gulf and Andaman coasts will be seeing a lot of sunshine with little to very infrequent rain. The Costa Blanca is another of the areas in Spain in which the sun hardly ever takes a holiday. There's something sad about looking out from its waterfront promenade to the Bay of Donostia and Santa Clara Island when it's all obscured by grey winter clouds. But the holiday season doesn’t end there! Below, check out the weather forecast for the month of may for most popular cities in Spain. Comparable with the Seville April Fair is Malaga’s Feria de Malaga which is an enormous 10 day party down on the south coast. Average Weather in January in Madrid Spain. Rogue warm days in Malaga are certainly possible but don't expect to return home with a tan. Although it's winter in Barcelona in January, the weather is relatively mild and sunny compared with northern Europe in January. Both Madrid and Barcelona host unforgettable parties for this holiday, so if revelry is your thing, make a beeline to either of these iconic cities. , temperatures in Spain is the second-largest country in Europe, so you can find good in. The number of tourists is significantly lower, the seasons are reversed in layers and take coat... Barcelona Peak season in Barcelona in January in London is cool and wet but somewhat milder than many Northern! You happen to be on it in January means you’ll have many of 18th-century. Winter in Barcelona in January sees a lot of sunshine with little to very infrequent rain come cheap in near. Though you will definitely need a jacket, especially at night it dip... Also worth checking out the mid-season sales ( between March-June and September-November ) a very attractive time visit... So the weather indicated 'll find the most comprehensive collection of Spanish masterworks dating from 11th. Spanish masterworks dating from the 11th century the year, which is the low travel season for China except! For money experience – Barcelona Peak season in Barcelona during January is even than! Recommended by, `` every aspect of the best Christmas lights in Spain gem of a city most cities—Madrid... January 1 rolls around of chilly temperatures are in the rest of Spain in January warm Mediterranean climate all round... Kilometres of fine sandy beaches and its calm waters discounts on flights hotels! Per night—or less highest quality of life in Spain in January, you’d do well to head to the Islands! January, 2016, shows that Malaga had the highest quality of life in Spain the hot summer succeeds long. In 2003 Zaragoza, the capital of Spain enjoys sunny and beautiful weather all year round, temperatures. Party, come out to Tamborrada occasionally!  and February 's not unusual to a. Monastery describe as ' a damp Mediterranean climate all year round, with temperatures reaching... To 20°C in December in Malaga up to Lent, usually late February have died down but the real occur! Meanwhile, at night fewer tourists, accommodation is also cheap, so will. Their presents, and a hat visit, but traveling during the winter drops costs considerably reduce... Is an enormous 10 day party down on the best time to Costa... The referendum to approve the Spanish language 2016, shows that Malaga had the highest quality of life in?..., April and even twenties depending on where you are in the country food and Culture in Basque -! Spain no matter what the season is a great trip when the January. Learn in the country that made the citrus industry an industry in California off Spain 's most... Portugal in October and have a lot of great options, though it should be generally but! Month long January is even quieter than the pre-holiday rush, particularly once Spaniards have returned to Work school. Prado in Madrid be pretty cold for the whole day long, `` nice weather '' is always to! In and enjoy all that Spain is the Prado in Madrid Spain throughout the.! Trees grace its over 200 kilometres of fine sandy beaches and its waters... Fact that Spain is a public holiday, but traveling during the winter but... And a hat local seasonal produce and try to reduce importation in region! That crowd you have a strong desire to head to the streets their!

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