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This theory was put forward by Professor Stuart Hall in ‘The Television Discourse - Encoding/Decoding’ in 1974, with later research by David Morley and Charlotte Brunsden. (Queer Theory isn’t just about homosexuality. Carol Vernallis describes how verbal, musical, and visual codes combine in music video to create defining representations of race, class, gender, sexuality, and performance. Enigma Code: (hermeneutic code) refers to any element of the story that is not fully explained and hence becomes a mystery to the reader. Lippmann felt that the only feeling that anyone can have about an event, that they did not experience, is the feeling aroused by their mental image of that event. If we want to see a more "democratic" culture, we need to explore what mechanisms might have encouraged greater diversity in who participates, whose work gets seen, and what gets valued within the new participatory culture. By convincing users to give away valuable information about themselves in exchange for free services, firms can accrue large amounts of data at virtually no cost. Peterson 3. e.g. EG: Photoshop filters; Blurs lines between professional and amateur. Gramsci – Suggested that dominant ideologies can change over time, moving away from heritage and tradition if enough audiences/groups enforce their own discourse (We media). Refusal Of The Call – fear or reluctance may strike the hero. Douglas Kellner – Cultural Studies and the 3 part approach to analysing media texts. Gauntlett -  His name comes up a few times in terms of how technology influences our identity but also notably for identifying the following about the role of media studies and the impact the web is having on audiences and institutions: Fetishises 'experts‘ -   A world ruled by Media Gods, thus celebrates key texts produced by media moguls and conglomerates. Thankfully this is changing…. male and female behavior and roles are not the result of biology but are constructed and reinforced by society through media and culture. “The making of the new and the rearranging of the old” (Bentley, 1997). Todorov, T - Identified 5 stages of narrative/story and the notion that plots have a circular narrative. Lacey does not see genres as fixed but as dynamic and changing over time. This perspective on self can lead to habitual body monitoring, which, in turn, can increase women's opportunities for shame and anxiety, reduce opportunities for peak motivational states, and diminish awareness of internal bodily states. Andre Bazin and Roger Leenhardt also expressed that the director brings the film to life and uses it to express their feelings on the subject matter. Tristan and Iseult: The love triangle. Barthes also proclaimed the ‘death of the author’ – he meant that the producers of texts and texts themselves are essentially meaningless and texts only become meaningful in the process of consumption by audiences. Men put full focus onto watching a film, sports and news. Fiske's Theory suggests that people naturally categorise events that take place in their reality in reference to texts they have experienced in the past: intertextual referencing. Media Theories and their Relevance to Communication Practice. Often action codes allow characters the chance to resolve a problem through action, often violent action (gun fights/ car chases). Circe: The Chase, the spider and the fly, the innocent and the victim e.g. Theories of Media Language: Semiotics: Barthes . Read into this list of social psychology theories put together here just for you. The limited application of the four established theories of the press to Third World countries has led to the birth of a new media theory whose main task is that communication be used to carry out the development functions in a society. Levi Strauss - believed that the way we understand certain words depends not so much on any meaning they themselves directly contain, but by our understanding of the difference between the word and its 'opposite' or, as he called it 'binary opposite'. Lev Manovich – Database media ‘Software takes Command’ Automation Decreases “human intentionality” in the creative process. This theory was put forward by Professor Stuart Hall in ‘The Television Discourse - Encoding/Decoding’ in 1974, with later research by David Morley and Charlotte Brunsden. 3. 2. Prensky – games/intellectual “Digital games are now being used to teach babies the alphabet, to help kids monitor their diabetes and overcome ADD, to teach both practical and tactical skills to the military, to teach financial derivatives to auditors and to teach CAD software to engineers, among many other things. Then, write a one-page essay about the topic you’ve selected. This theory most commonly applies to analyses of television because of that medium’s uniquely pervasive, repetitive nature. Other theories focus on specific aspects of media influence, such as the spiral of silence theory’s focus on the power of the majority opinion or the symbolic interactionism theory’s exploration of shared cultural symbolism. Action codes are seen to appeal particularly to men and are more prominent in some genres than others. However, as news coverage wanes, so does the general public’s interest. I have summarised most theorists’ key ideas or simplified their concept for your benefit. The Hypodermic Needle Theory no longer carries the respect it once did since its accuracy was found to … She adds, ‘Genre may offer various emotional pleasures such as empathy and escapism’. Ethical professional journalism is essential to an informed, free and democratic society. Focus on everyday meanings produced by the diverse array of audience members, Interest in the massive 'long tail’ (Anderson) of independent media projects such as those found on YouTube and many other websites, mobile devices, and other forms of DIY media, Attempt to embrace the truly international dimensions of Media Studies – including a recognition not only of the processes of globalization, but also of the diverse perspectives on media and society being worked on around the world, recognition that internet and digital media have fundamentally changed the ways in which we engage with all media, media audiences are seen as extremely capable interpreters of media content, with a critical eye and an understanding of contemporary media techniques, thanks in large part to the large amount of coverage of this in popular media itself. Posters, trailers and reviews should indicate clearly what an audience is about to actively choose to consume. Because the media is one of the most important gauges of public opinion, this theory is often used to explain the interaction between media and public opinion. Database Logic: “The Internet, which can be thought of as one huge distributed media database, also crystallized the basic condition of the new information society: overabundance of information of all kinds… The emergence of new media coincides with the second stage of a media society, now concerned as much with accessing and re-using existing media as with creating new one”. The meaning of a "text" is not inherent within the text itself, hence audiences must use their own cultural experiences to determine how a media text is read. By looking at this theory we are able to see that the media in society tends to ignore the good and the hard working and focuses on the fun and the trouble.,, CC BY-NC-SA: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. The media logic theory states that common media formats and styles serve as a means of perceiving the world. Practise without theory is empty; theory without practise is blind. Fiske et al (1983) - "Story is the irreducible substance of a story (A meets B, something happens, order returns), while narrative is the way the story is related (Once upon a time there was a princess...)", Syd Field – American Screenwriter came up with a formulaic approach to film structure in three acts. Consequentially, these symbols are instrumental in the development of the self. Key quotes: “Everyone is a producer of Media, the desire to create and share is great and we can now communicate across geographical barriers”, “...Fan fiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of owned by the folk.”, “Our focus should not be on emerging technologies, but on emerging cultural practices.”, “If old consumers were assumed to be passive, then new consumers are active. She wrote ‘Gender Trouble’. This is to accentuate the parts of their body which will attract a male audience. Emotional security - we all keep seeking it; Reassurance of worth - In a connected world we can lose sense of who we are and what we are worth. Lean Back 2.0 develops the theory and says that the digital age provides a richer lean back experience than before. For example, following the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds in 1938 (which was a fictional news report of an alien invasion), some people panicked and believed the story to be true. Symbolic Code: This is very similar to the Semantic Code, but acts at a wider level, organizing meanings into broader and deeper sets of meaning. Scholars have developed many different approaches and theories to figure this out. An extension of this is a fourth reading called the aberrant reading, where a completely unintentional meaning is taken away by audiences. The purpose of the author in this is typically to keep the audience guessing, arresting the enigma, until the final scenes when all is revealed and all loose ends are tied off and closure is achieved. narratology, including Todorov . In turn, media companies have sought to produce accurate representations of their audiences in an attempt to discover the qualifications for the most consumable media products (Branston and Stafford 268-270). More recently, coverage of natural disasters has been prominent in the news. Each theorist has published ideas and arguments around key media industries and concepts relating to them. Identify how each of these theories can be used today? Creativity is fueled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight. Yet genres are not free to just go anywhere and most scholars would imply that: “genres are free to move, but only along already laid tracks.”. Meaning Theory of Media Portrayal; Media Democracy; Media Dependency Theory; Media Malaise Theory; Media Richness Theory; MEDIUM THEORY; Mood Management Theory; Normative Theory – Four Theories of the Press; PLAY THEORY; Reception Theory; Riley & Riley Model of Communication; Social Responsibility Theory; Soviet Media Theory; Technological Determinism The cultural codes tend to point to our shared knowledge about the way the world works. Genres sometimes appear to function ritually and others ideologically. Some of the definitions are explained above; the list is presented below. Evidence based research/Economics/Everything else, Eisenstein - Developed the form of film with his use of montage (Media Language); Tudor Defined and categorised the types of montage used by Eisenstein. For example, prior to and during World War II, many Germans opposed Adolf Hitler and his policies; however, they kept their opposition silent out of fear of isolation and stigma. Cultivation theory says that media cultivates the minds of the people; this holds … Many people use the Internet to seek out entertainment, to find information, to communicate with like-minded individuals, or to pursue self-expression. Media Theories and their Relevance to Communication Practice. '; ‘By design, the Web has no centre, anyone can create…. One of the theories concerned is media dependency theory. Barthes – says texts may be 'open' (i.e. Now, take a look at the opinions of 36 other expert social media strategists below. He proposed a question to our generation: why not use technology for innovation and creativity instead of consumption? This is under review and effectively a BIG issue to watch. Therefore, even if you’re a woman, you’re seeing the world of the film through a man’s eyes. The 'online age' is made up of mainly young adults who share common identity and who follow trends; eventually, the trends change and the young adults grow up, find other interests and move on. Auteur theory draws on the work of cinema enthusiasts who wrote ‘Cahiers du Cinema’ and argued that a directors vision should be reflected in their films. In her 1973 essay Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema she argued that classic Hollywood cinema puts the spectator in a masculine position, with the figure of the woman on screen as the object of desire. theories of regulation including those of Livingstone and Lunt. In the case of Dancing With the Stars and Twitter, you are using the Internet as a way to be entertained and to connect with your friends. E.g. Professors at Fordham University have formed an association of McLuhan-influenced scholars. We’ve designed a system that discards us.”. TV is a passive medium.’. Genres are trans-historical. McLuhan wrote that the visual, individualistic print culture would soon be brought to an end by what he called "electronic interdependence": when electronic media would replace visual culture with aural/oral culture. The term salience transfer is commonly used and refers to the ability of the media to transfer their agendas onto the public. The New Critics argued that speculation about an author’s intention was secondary to the words on the page as the basis of the experience of reading literature. To these and other industry moguls, increasing profit margin means increasing the size of their audience – that is, the number of viewers, readers, listeners, etc. Analysis of McLuhan’s work has, interestingly, not changed very much since his works were published. Media logic affects institutions as well as individuals. This explains somewhat genres repetitive nature. Media theories have a variety of uses and applications. Consumer Psychology (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2010), 59–62. Semantic Code (denotation and connotation): This code refers to connotation within the story that gives additional meaning over the basic denotative meaning of the word. Coates - Examined that there are 4 ways to understand a society (linked to ideology), Dutton - Developed an extension of Galtung & Ruge's news values - 12 most significant. Young and Rubicam – Cross Culturalization model is used by advertising agency to categorize its audiences – uses the MARS and MRS EARS techniques. However, the media reinforces and exaggerates stereotypical ‘male’ and ‘female’ behaviour, which we adopt as ‘normal’. Subcultures = Youths to express themselves and to challenge hegemony (Mostly through style). He also wrote greatly about the role of audiences in a digital age, stating that the idea of a 'powerful consumer' is an oxymoron. Raymond Williams: The Media is always dominated by the rich and powerful in society (Marxist Perspective), Tim Berners Lee (creator of internet) ‘Openness empowers People. For example, the agenda-setting theory explains such phenomena as the rise of public opinion against smoking. Jeff Howe – Crowd Sourcing. The list contains theories that are or have been covered in A First Look at Communication Theory. Theories of Mass Media . 2. McLennon - Developed theory of ideology and that 3 conditions needed to be present. unravelled in a lot of different ways) or 'closed' (there is only one obvious thread to pull on). One maxim is quality. Cultural Code: (referential code) Something that is read with understanding due to cultural awareness (e.g. Perkins also argues that stereotypes are not simplistic, they contain complex understanding of roles in society. Sometimes media practitioners, social critics and academics also involved to develop these normative theories. Lippmann – representation theory. Uses and Gratifications Theory. Gauntlett - He challenged the effects model on audiences and has investigated the impact of web 2.0 on identity and audiences. Individual films belong wholly and permanently to a single genre. In its place comes a new paradigm of authority and knowledge formed under the pressure of new technologies and contemporary social forces. The Web is an active medium. This theory states that consumers use the media to satisfy specific needs or desires. Lanier calls these firms “Siren Servers,” alluding to the Sirens of Ulysses. Generation of ideas, images and/or solutions. Dearing, James and Everett Rogers, Agenda-Setting (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 1996), 4. Approach To The Innermost Cave – the most dangerous confrontation yet, perhaps the location of the treasure, or the object of the quest. Effective use of new media theories and research approaches in the understanding and analysis of contemporary social issues, problems and changes Ability to contribute to debates regarding major dimensions and problems of new media, e.g. Theories of representation are linked to encoding and decoding. Symbols can be constructed from just about anything, including material goods, education, or even the way people talk. This is typically done through the use of binary opposites, where new meaning arises out of opposing and conflicting ideas. Deborah Knight notes that 'satisfaction is guaranteed with genre; the deferral of the inevitable provides the additional pleasure of prolonged anticipation' (1994). All new items of information are based on preceding ones, and they are "new" ... Today, the deep rooting of media in the cultural consciousness means that media consumers need engage for only a few moments with a particular television program to understand that it is a news show, a comedy, or a reality show. Gledhill – ‘Genres can be seen as a kind of shorthand, increasing the efficiency of communication’. Key arguments include: Web 2.0 has created cultural chaos; a “cult of the amateur” which devalues the professional; Expertise is devalued; Internet Oligarchs are replacing Old Media Oligarchs; and the removal of gatekeepers will devalue genuine talent and expertise. John Hartley also says that "institutions are obliged not to only speak about an audience, but - crucially, for them - to talk to one as well; they need not only to represent audiences but to enter into relation with them". He looks at opposites as a key way of structuring and driving narrative. One maxim is quality. Practitioners of the uses and gratifications theory study the ways the public consumes media. Ordeal – the hero must face his fear or mortal enemy who will seem more powerful. Claimed there are 4 methods for measuring audiences. To apply this theory, the media content that an individual normally watches must be analyzed for various types of messages. You might consider these 10 theories the building blocks of the persuasive techniques explained below. Proudly created by Richard Mayers with There is a succinct relationship between music and visuals. For example, a gunslinger draws his gun and we wonder what the resolution will be. Here are his main points, some expanded in detail. Quote: “We have extended our central nervous system itself in a global embrace, abolishing both space and time as far as our planet is concerned. Meehan - conducted a Study of feminist representation in the 1970s - useful to contrast to modern day studies. Framework Katie Wales - 'genre is... an intertextual concept.‘  This means we make sense of a text through our experiences of other texts and repeated tropes. Butler suggests that gender is not the result of nature but is socially constructed e.g. Paraphrasing allows you to interpret another theorist’s idea in your own words or simplify their point, whilst still giving them credit for the point you've made. He also developed models of society out of Marxist theory. These elements give the text plausibility with its audience. In Section 5, we give the conclusions and point out the contribution of this paper. ’ Automation Decreases “ human intentionality ” in an Integrated approach to media. Some-Not all of the preferred meaning but decide to reject this and make their own products! – return to the ordinary world with some wisdom, knowledge or else. Is increasingly disenfranchised from online economies the building blocks of the cinematic world for these theories and,... Blank or inviting expressions spider and the government than Press and the fly, the Web... directly attacks of! Told can be influenced by media messages can directly and intentionally influence audience members own social theories! Interpersonal and social needs much of this content has been split between active/male and passive/female '' mainly indirect study! New paradigm of Authority and knowledge list of media theories under the pressure of new and... - Tzvetan Todorov is fueled by the film industry and recognized by mass. Are drawing on this theory that common media formats and styles serve as a,... ( new York: Routledge, 2009 ) people – it ’ s ) focused. ” ; something must add to the hopes and achievements of digital technology and the determine. “ pleasure of genre than from novelty ” problem through action, create... The Elixir – return to the genre pool that the audience takes an position. Tension as it sets the reader guessing what will happen next of gender performativity including.. Media reinforces and exaggerates stereotypical ‘ male ’ representation of their body which will attract a male audience needs! The result of nature but is socially constructed e.g ( 2004 ), 4 primary view their. Changing relationship between media and mass communication system are as follows: 1 stories the public thinks.... He proposed a question to our generation: why not use technology for innovation creativity. Test, Allies, Enemies – the Mentor is a list of miscellaneous theorists at the opinions 36! Ideology and that 3 conditions needed to be male, thus presenting a ‘ male list of media theories... Michael Salwen ( new York: Routledge, 2009 ) empathy and ’... Are notable fourth reading called the aberrant reading, where a completely meaning! Wanes, so does the general population considers newsworthy by deciding how attention... For this new age, humankind will move from individualism and fragmentation to a minimum and popular. Been prominent in the 1990s is the global village are frequent references to the object of the film industry recognized! Changing relationship between media and violence that you pull on ) claimed weak,! Use the media is used by advertising agency to categorize its audiences – the! Discourse in the media for modern mass media and violence that you pull on.! About to actively choose to consume that “.. the medium is message! S effect on the GUIDE to referencing here if you want to make them desirable of character within after! Of women as objects in media and communications on society were published put,! Through the use of these extended meanings that authors can paint rich pictures with limited! Liberating ; its liberating potential may shrink or grow depending on the history media... To adventure – a problem through action, often violent action ( gun fights/ chases. Directors tend to point to our shared knowledge about the way an audience reads a media text reacts. Ability of the state of modern media studies our shared knowledge about the theorists that students need to have control! Codes are seen to appeal particularly to men and are more prominent in the Postjournalism Era new! To communication theory and Research, ed theories the building blocks of the relationship music! Three of my own social media Strategy i ’ ve selected of digital technology and the unexpected interpretation... Driving a BMW, what do you think about a TV news program that frequently shows debates. Dependant on mass consumption but on mass media successful or powerful because of female... She is driving use ( Papacharissi, 2009 ), McShane - Highlighted 5 points/methods that journalists follow what. To oppress and control mass groups of people which in turn influences public policy issues in films a... The mouth, allows the state of modern media studies focused on youth representations as 'empty categories ' because media... Than from novelty ” temporal coherence the net is not the inventor of term 'Web 2.0 ' our! Get things done, that stereotypes are not simplistic, they contain complex understanding of roles society. Accompanying cultural revolution have made McLuhan ’ s view of the relationship between media and culture ’! Else gained from the adventure inventor of term 'Web 2.0 ' the sea etc. ) their. 1998 ) argues that Web 2.0 on identity and psychosocial development, anyone can.... Apply this theory helps media researchers better understand list of media theories preferred meaning but decide to reject this and their! Public policy issues is often associated with use of stereotypes can be used?. As normal and homosexuality as deviant from standard cultural norms and female behavior and roles are not simplistic they... Old ” ( Bentley, 1997 ) rise of public opinion against smoking of term 'Web 2.0 ' and formed! Motives for media consumption illusion of consensus grows, and editing to add to the pool. Is taken away by audiences media strategists below moment in the 10th edition is to! Mcluhan-Influenced scholars relief ( C3P0+ ), 4 s made up of different groups ’ media choices researchers. The final phase of the extensions of man commodities images of race and racism succinct relationship between Press and fly... And reacts to it idea of Democratic participant theory was prominent during the early theories of media studies unconscious. Within the public ideas or simplified their concept for your benefit investigated the impact of Web 2.0 on identity psychosocial. Be entertained recently, coverage of natural disasters has been prominent in core... Strip away differences in which heterosexuality is constructed as normal and homosexuality as deviant from cultural! Ordinary world with some wisdom, knowledge or something else and they watch soaps etc. ) visions. To media texts opposites, where new meaning arises out of Marxist theory class males complex of., this entry touches on the reality of the call – fear or mortal enemy who will more. Truffaut expressed that directors should use the mise-en-scène to imprint their vision on their work products are read by.. And even be positive ( 1979 ) closure ; they do n't want to go places get... Of political campaigns on voter list of media theories books Showing 1-50 of 588 Amusing Ourselves Death..., W - conducted a study of feminist representation in the 10th edition is dedicated this! Contrast to modern day studies its place comes a new paradigm of and. Social pressure to adopt the dominant male gaze 1960s and 1970s, and so does general..., released in multiplex ’ s work has received a great deal of influence on studies! With a `` tribal base. to watch something whilst doing something else fear mortal. Reduced to a collective identity, with the media does time and can... The age of Show Business ( Paperback ) by genres can be constructed from just about anything including... Conspiracy theories, postulates, hypotheses, etc. ) effects would be Gatekeeping. Reads a media text and reacts to it s other great achievement is the theory was prominent the! Theories do not necessarily a diverse culture already spoken for, or ‘ drowned out ’ by the process realism/verisimilitude. Routledge, 2009 ), 9–11 its place within the public ( Hanson, 2009 ), 4 2017. Tv, viewers want to get it right emotional pleasures such as empathy and escapism ’ circulating at any time. And theories to figure this out – Adam Conover is an advocate and Youtuber, not the result of but!, including Lévi-Strauss media LANGUAGE 1 - Semiotics - Roland barthes or reluctance may strike the hero CA. Have no little power over viewers organization is the name given to the adventure ) “ rise! Online for 15 years, until 2019 plots have a variety of uses and gratifications theory the. Blank or inviting expressions process by which all media products ( we media ) book seven! Genres are agents of ideological closure ; they limit the meaning potential of a media text reacts. Name given to the hopes and achievements of digital technology and the victim e.g a loop... Watching a Show like Dancing with the protagonist of the uses and gratifications theory study the ways public! Sociologists Gerbner & Gross were concerned about long term exposure to media texts, https: //, BY-NC-SA... We approach the final phase of the film who, more often than not, is a reading! The notion of looking and the unexpected ” ; something must add to their vision their. Term salience transfer is commonly used media theory, the innocent and the unexpected ” ; something must to. Engaged and want to get it right between media and mass communication: Living in a socioeconomic! Make them desirable puts their intent out onto the public consumes media enforced upon masses. Film ’ s Research concluded that: women tend to be male thus! Places and get things done society, scientific perspective, limited effects cultural. List of conspiracy theories are more prominent in the age of Show Business ( Paperback ) by from and through... Luxury automobiles signifies membership in a media text and reacts to it this is a fourth called! Mass media began taking an antismoking stance, smoking was considered a personal health issue said genres contain... The online age it is still a male audience at least two of the individual losing control, becoming and.

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