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Mitch encourages Judy to date Kenneth because he seems to have money. While awaiting his execution, inmate Gerry Daniels (Guardino) types a final letter to the newspaper protesting the incompetence of district attorney Bernard Butler (Marlowe). He is worried that Ralph is responsible for a number of butcher knife murders that have been occurring in their neighborhood. A murderer has killed two blonde women while they are alone at night. Later, Herbert arrives at the airport. And now, the complete fourth season – all 36 episodes – is available on DVD for fans to enjoy again and again. When Paula insists that it is untrue, Norman lets himself be blown up so that Paula will be free from Al's threats and Norman's past. Bernie (Pollack) is a ceramics teacher at a summer camp, and is protective of Aaron Gold (Gordon), a boy who dislikes athletics but loves sculpture. When they discover that he has vanished, they decide to give up the search, thinking that justice has not been served. Star Trek - Enterprise Athletic. Either the faith healing works and Aaron's faith is demonstrated, or the faith healing fails and Jones is killed. Meyer Fine (Falk) is a casino owner with a crippling fear of death. Jim Whitely (Shatner) tells his cousin a story about how their late extended cousin Julia (Tandy) fell in love with ventriloquist Max Collodi (Conway). Leo writes to his wife begging her to return. When she goes to identify the intruder in a police line up she wears a pair of dark sunglasses. Mark succeeds, but as soon as Ashley is released, he shoots Mark for also having an affair with Eve. The next day the police are called, and they discover the body. Hotel waitress Thelma (Deering) learns that she is in the will of her wealthy regular customer, Sara Mannerheim (Lovsky), who has stopped taking her medicine in expectation of death. Lyle hopes to obtain her Cheney vase, which will fetch a high price on the market. Hitchcock introduced the show, which was then followed by a short half an hour episode which contained suspense, horror, and humor. She doesn't get a good look at him, but manages to fight him off. Homicide detective Dennis O'Finn (Morgan) lives next door to a group of elderly women who are smitten with him. Riabouchinska, seemingly acting independent of Fabian's control, insists on telling Krovitch the truth that Fabian killed Ockham, because Ockham threatened to expose Fabian and Riabouchinska's love affair to the world. Has-been actor Oliver Mathews (Tone) is being blackmailed by Grace Dolan (Astor) for an affair he had with Grace's late daughter. When John learns that the boxes actually contain the murdered victims of two body snatchers named Burke and Hare, he decides to get rid of his wife by getting her drunk and leaving her on the body snatchers' doorstep. Ex-con Joe (Hill) and his former partners Madge (Hagen) and Maxie (Brodie) drive to an abandoned mine in the middle of desert in order to collect hidden robbery loot. Clarea drinks it and dies. S6, Ep1. At the same time, some distance away, Maria is cured. A suicidal man checks into a hotel that caters to people just like him. A man comes up with the solution to dealing with his cold-hearted wife. The doomed man imagined the whole escape. $24.99. The reverend does not believe Aaron's faith in him is strong enough for him to marry his daughter. A killer serves jury duty for the trial of a man who has been accused of his crime. An old cleaning lady arrives just in time to scoop up the papers and takes them out with the trash. Afterward Warren is confronted by a homeless man, Ed, who claims to be the actual murderer. Alfred Hitchcock Presents is available now on Peacock, the new streaming service from NBCUniversal. Mystery writer Babs Fenton (Scott) has an overactive imagination and suspects the worst when their new neighbor Charles Blanchard (Lummis) acts strangely around his wife Ellen (Mundy). A boy gains the power of mind over matter. After the story, Hitchcock would come back and end the show. Eddie is arrested for murder, and this leaves Pete and Faye, who are lovers, to be together. Dan also convinces Lois's ex-boyfriend, Tim, to reconcile with her. Once there, the three turn on each other: Joe shoots and kills Maxie, and Madge traps Joe down in the mine once she has obtained the money. He approaches a mortician, Amos Duff, and asks for advice. However, the "detective" is one of Little Dandy's goons, and takes Bert away. Fran uses various tactics that nearly get her in trouble with the police, but just manages to pay off the debt in time. However, every time that Babs thinks that she has figured out the truth, she is proven wrong. Ethel, unaware of what Ralph has learned, offers him a cup of cocoa that she made for him. Aaron becomes attracted to Rev. The cover-up is revealed to have been set in place by the French government, because Mrs. Winthrop, who is now dead, had the bubonic plague. Professor Jarvis is a teacher of anatomy who discovers that one of his students Perry Hatch is cheating on an exam. Angrily, Morgan files for divorce and thus clears the way for a relationship between Frute and Mrs. Morgan. Sam spies Joe hiding his friend and wanted fugitive, Gus, in the shop cellar; hoping to collect a reward, Sam calls it in to the police. Adam is impressed and offers him a job on the spot. Maggie does her best to negotiate a peace, eventually convincing them to only shoot each other when the clock strikes. Alan Chatterton, an unsuccessful writer, sends successful author Ralston Temple a letter along with three sample chapters from his novel in progress. Toddler Svengoolie T-Shirt. When he arrives, he reveals that he sent Vernon to Charlie's because he made a mistake in his prescription. Miss Hope leaves in good spirits, because she is actually wealthy aristocrat Lady Charlotte; Mrs. Wellington mistook her for Miss Hope, and Charlotte enjoyed the distraction. Jan realizes that it truly was an accident, but the investigator does not believe her. However, Mrs. Bixby is dismayed when her husband gives her a small mink stole; Dr. Bixby's nurse has the coat, thus implying that he is having an affair with her. Mary agrees to carry a luxury watch for Gubak, but during the customs inspection Gubak turns her in to officers for smuggling luxury items. A psychologist plans an assassination in order to get out of his miserable marriage. Dana is approached by John Hurley (Harris), who claims to know how to encourage memory recall. Hugo is a mentally challenged boy without a home. Having had enough, Oliver murders Grace. Clarence has his sights of Mrs. Shrike (Fleet), a boorish alcoholic who he believes has a death wish. Miss Fox tries to make it up to Eddie when he is released, but he murders her as revenge. At the last moment Mason realizes that he had read his cards wrong, but Klinker folds and Mason wins the pot. When the police arrive, the investigation uncovers that Harry's wife (Gregg) was having an affair with the dead man, but Harry killed him over envy of Miss Elliot. Joe goes to search for his wife, as does Ralph. Dana Edwards (McGuire)'s fiancée is killed in a hit-and-run, and he is unable to remember any details of the car involved. He threatens to stab her, but she fights him off. Edward throws him out, but keeps the painting. The monkey is actually a dwarf named Maria who draws portraits of people while disguised as a monkey. After the murder is done, Tommy discovers that the victim is the man that Tommy's ex-wife had left him for; Richard picked him on purpose for revenge, as Tommy had once stolen the same woman from Richard. White-collar criminal Stephen Fontaine (Redfield) is being transported via train and tries to bribe his escorting police sergeant Rockwell (Merrill) for his freedom with $50,000. Mountaineer Mark Cavendish (Donald) falls in love with Stella Ballister (Owens), a young widow. Ralph finds Lucille, but what should have been their first date is a disaster. Soon afterward, Gilbert dies, supposedly of suicide. Canby's alibi is that he was babysitting his grandson, but a neighbor insists that she heard hysterical crying around the time of the murder. Back for Christmas (1956) Sleazy intro from Hitch aside, this is one of the best episodes in the first … Lady Avon thwarts Benson and his officers at every turn and manages to leave the country without the necklace on her. Check out our gallery. Batman Classic 1966 TV Series Retro Figurine: Surfing Batman. Later his memory returns. Gangster Georgie Minnelli (Philips) kills his known rival, Lucky Moore (Chandler) and sets up an alibi that he was in his apartment the whole day. Despite this, Horace grows uncomfortable with her and tries to poison her, but is mysteriously thwarted. Caroline Hardy keeps house for her famous brother, the actor Collin Hardy. Arnold (McKay) is controlled by his domineering but invalid wife, Elizabeth (Fitzgerald). Karen then learns that she is in jail for killing a man with a broken glass. Precocious little girl Hildegard Fell (Rudie) attaches herself to the grumpy, reclusive newcomer in town, John Anderson (Hardwicke). Norman believes that Al is having an affair with Paula and plans to blow them up with dynamite. Rusty Connors is a con man that has just been released from prison. Irving Randall (Smith) loses his money in a poker game to his unsympathetic boss Smalley, and lies to his pregnant wife Frances (Meadows) that he was mugged. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV Shows by Genre TV News India TV Spotlight. Helen Brewster (Bel Geddes) is frustrated that her boyfriend Philip Pryor (Dubbins) has been stalling their wedding for years on the excuse that his mother is unwell. Father Amion is quickly remorseful and prays that the horse lose instead. Before he was imprisoned, Krause stole a significant amount of money and killed his partner. While traveling on a plane, war correspondent Ted Franklin (Merrill) strikes up a conversation with fellow passenger Barbara Denim (Cutts). After murdering his spouse, Sam Jacoby (Wayne) has trouble disposing of the body. Sir Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense hosts his own television show. Horace concludes that Sybilla knew about the poison and has made contingencies with her lawyer in case she dies, and his only choice is to keep her alive and healthy. Father Vincente (Sloane) advises him to choose forgiveness, and Clements is forced to leave. A man loses his life upon winning a gamble with his disinherited child. Young best friends Iggy (Gordon) and Clete (Walken) witness mobster Mr. Rose beating up a frightened man. The execution is canceled when Butler gets new evidence exonerating Gerry from the incorrect charge, but Gerry's letter has already been posted. Gil's investigation uncovers a bottle of poisoned brandy that he had given to Rosine to kill her, except Rosine had guessed that it was poison and gave it to Jonathan, killing him. An apprentice nun tracks down the robber who stole a priceless figurine that she was entrusted to bring to her convent. Warren Selvy (Hingle), a prosecuting attorney with a long history of acquittals, delivers a guilty verdict in a crucial murder case. Nevertheless he gives him a six month loan. Tommy's mother, mistaking Richard for Martin, begs him to release Tommy, and when Richard refuses, she kills him. Mary then tells her father on the phone that she can return home now. During a party at a beachfront frat house, Mark challenges Alan to a drinking contest. Henry Taylor (Bray) visits Kirkland Bank to question its president, William Spengler (Sweeney). They hire detective Thomas Salgado (Lorre) to find the car, and later the body. An injured criminal uses a nurse's compassion to escape from the hospital. Eventually, he agrees. A body is found floating in the river a few days later, but Daw refuses to identify it properly, igniting Inspector Charles Tarrant's (Douglas) suspicions. Afterward the warden tells Herbert that his lawyer obtained a stay and found a witness to clear his name, but since Herbert killed the guard, he will never be pardoned. Suddenly the car gets a flat tire. He places the hat on a skeleton hanging there and says "Goodnight, Margaret".. With Mitch in prison, Kenneth who is actually a beatnik-hater stabs Judy to death in her apartment. Bank teller George Piper (Harris) murders one of the bank's dubious clients, Victor Mannett, to steal his money, which Piper then hides in plain sight inside his teller drawer. Miserly Alexander Gifford (Day) decides to kill his wife, Jennifer, when she starts spending money on herself. Ottermole (Bikel), are stumped. After writing many letters, Julia was finally able to meet Collodi in person, but she discovered that "Collodi" was the dummy, and the puppet was the real man, wearing a mask. The end result in never shown, but Aaron wins either way. A jeweler sells a $5000 black pearl left with him by Captain McCabe. Judy (Moore) exhumes her first husband Harry's body because a winning sweepstakes ticket was buried with him. Edinburgh, Scotland, 1827. A playboy loses everything to his hated brother, leading to a reenactment of the story of Cain and Abel. Thomas Craig (Van Dyke) is disappointed when his late uncle leaves his fortune to his dog Casper. A family discovers that the nurse that they hired to care for their baby is a wanted child killer. Alfred Hitchcock Presents is the other classic anthology series from the early days of television. When he makes a mistake that threatens his business, his former partners put a hit out on him. He tell Frank that if he doesn't his wife may end up getting rubbed out. They try to find out why. S7, Ep1. Sir Stephen Hurstwood (Clanton) offers a bet of $1,000 if Howard Latimer (McGuire) can stay the entire night in a supposedly haunted room of the Hurstwood mansion. Brad Taylor (Horton) wants to marry his new girlfriend Janice Wright, but his other girlfriend, Leslie Lenox (Spain), refuses to let him go. Vinton encourages Julia to stand up to her dominating sister, eventually drawing out a confession of the murder. Kenneth gives Judy a diamond bracelet which Mitch takes and tries to sell to a jeweler. A honeymoon in Mexico ends with the wife being murdered and the husband tracking down the killer. She slowly recalls attending a party with her lover, Jeff (Stevens). The light-hearted ending is enhanced by an explanation of why the clock stops. Clarence (Harris) and Elmer (Qualen) are retired insurance agents, and hope to use their years of experience to save people that they believe will die soon. A young author joins a gang to collect material for his latest book. She ducks into an alley, but is followed. A carjacker steals a Rolls Royce with a dead body inside it. Alcoholic has-been actor Charles Gresham (Rains) tries to blackmail producer Wayne Campbell (Gregory) into casting him in a new play. Screenwriter Fred Logan (Redfield) asks his director Morty Lenton (Harris) to cast veteran horror actor Ernst von Croft (Hale) in their latest film in a comeback role. When the ship goes faster than William expected, he decides to jump off the ship to force it to stop. When he catches Lois Callen shoplifting he hatches an idea. When he hears this, the old man's memory returns. Father Amion disapproves of gambling but, due to shortage of funds to fix the church, gives Sheridan his life savings on a "sure" winning horse. Later, Kerwin visits Molly at her apartment and, after an argument, strangles her to death. Iggy insists on reporting the incident to the police, but is heartbroken when the police refuse to take him seriously, and his father is too frightened to stand up for him. While on a cruise ship Sir Richard Musgrave (Portman) sees a former business partner, Jan Vander Klaue (Homolka), whom Richard thought that he had killed years ago, but is now living under a new name. He is determined to eliminate the witness. The Templetons (McGuire and Leachman) are on a train with their young son, Johnny, who they have trouble controlling. A woman is driven to madness by a young man and a series of intimidating phone calls. Tony Gould (Cotten) meets with his mistress, Shelley, in her office after hours. Charlie visits Dr. Vogel who prescribes pain killers. Marvin Foley is trying to arrange a burial for his late partner. Horace learns that there was no contingency plan, and he realizes that he truly loved her in the end. Riabouchinska declares she can no longer love Fabian and stops moving, while Fabian is arrested by Krovitch. Instead of turning in the evidence, the two decide to say nothing. They are best viewed without commercial interruption, one after the other. Phil disguises himself as a policeman and manages to bluff his way past the guards at the witnesses apartment. The police, fearful that their reputation will be ruined by Jones' accomplishment, refuse to arrest him. A preacher is willing to commit murder in order to get a woman's manor for his church. Use the HTML below. Detective Krovitch (Bronson) investigates the murder of juggler Luke Ockham in a theatre. Bill is also a Martian, but part of an invasion force trying to take over Earth. However, the escaped suspect was an innocent man, and Gorwald is the real killer. Phyllis suspects that Lettie is Lauretta Bishop, a. Mrs. Meade (Trevor) wants to extort money from Jane and Ralph Birdwell, the couple who raised Mrs. Meade's abandoned daughter Eileen as their own. Temple confronts Chatterton and rips up their contract. Mort offers the Cat $3,500 to kill Jocelyn, but Jocelyn makes a counteroffer of $5,000, so the Cat kills Mort instead. Does someone know the name of that theme? A photographer and an undertaker are assassins who have each been assigned to kill the other. When Carl Borden (Meeker) gets severe indigestion twice due to the home cooking prepared by his wife Annette (Thaxter), their friend Ralph has the food tested and finds a large dose of arsenic in it. Figuring that he can charge Wilkens a much larger amount, the jeweler agrees. He examines the hat box and discovers Mrs. Jarvis's favorite hat which she certainly would have taken if she had gone on a trip. When the clock mysteriously stops, the men take it to be a sign from God and leave peacefully. The plot is not foiled, however. He is disconsolate over his wife Karen (Montgomery)'s recent death; she committed. Pelham varies his schedule and buys a one-of-a-kind tie in the hopes of catching his double off-guard. Even without the test, however, Vernon manages to get Benjy off. He once acted cowardly in the Korean War, and seeks out his old Army buddy Pete Williams (Keefer), who knows his secret. Mr. Laffler (Morley) introduces his colleague Mr. Costain (Haigh) to Spirro's, an exclusive gentleman's club. He accuses his wife Cindy (Moore) of having an affair with her new friend, Arnold, and that they are planning to kill him; Cindy admits that they are both true. One day Ray takes Gladys fishing, hoping to drown her, but Gladys knocks him out first and throws him overboard. Kenneth is not a beatnik, but he likes to attend their parties. After half a year of no change, Thelma strangles Sara to death one night in frustration. Dean believes that Otto killed his wife, and wants revenge. Halloran's (Simon) investigation. While driving across the desert to California, a Professor (Carey) agrees to take on a hitchhiker Julie (Wilcox). Thanks in advance. The Master of Suspense returns with all 39 Primetime Emmy Award-Nominated Season Three episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents! Leo Torbey works at a carnival and awakes one day after a night of drinking to discover that he has bought a strange monkey for his sideshow. After she is married, Elisa's worst fears come true when she discovers that Humphrey's first wife is not dead. Millionaire Dave Rainey (Keith) is paralyzed from the neck down and needs a respirator to breathe. The three carry out the robbery, but as they are about to leave Fellowes returns and tries to stop them. Crabtree decides not do the task, but when a man enters his office at the expected time, Crabtree is so upset at the thought of losing his job that he ends up killing him anyway. Moon (Emhardt), whom Ray believes is trying to kill them. Their dry mood and subtle humor is still charming after all these years. Warren then learns that Ed has a history of confessing to crimes that he did not commit. At a dinner party, hypnotist Miles Farnham (Helmore) demonstrates his skills on Lucy Pryor (Thaxter). He sees a picture of the doctor's wife and wonders whether he has a wife of his own. Bill then learns that Phil is Baxter's son, and is also Laura's lover; Phil and Laura plotted together to gain Bill's money and get Baxter out of the way. When Harry learns about this, he pays her back the money by borrowing from his "friends". A man gets more than he bargained for when he acquires a wig and beard. The domineering Joanna orders Cissie to poison Brenner, but Cissie allows him to live just long enough so that he can kill Joanna before succumbing to the poison, thus leaving Cissie alone with the house. When Ralph shows up at their house, Joe become paranoid. After weeks of being avoided, Miss Dent finally corners Mr. Blake at gunpoint and holds him hostage through his train commute in order to talk to him so that she can move on. Hello, I wonder if someone can help me. Elisa Minden begins to have second thoughts about marrying Sir Humphrey J. Orford. Reverend Otis Jones is a faith healer who stops at a service station to get his car repaired. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Chatterton shows up again and asks for a thousand dollars so he can get married. Emma Paisley (Stickney) is distressed when her neighbor, Rinditch, kills her pet cat Stanley. Fred tells them that he pretended to go along with it, but arranged to go back to prison to get out of the deal. Nowadays, however, he has had a run of bad luck. Six-year old Jackie Chester is delighted when his Uncle Rick arrives from Africa with a surprise gift. Mrs. Wellington picks up the new governess Miss Hope (Gingold) from the train station, and is quickly thrown by Miss Hope's outspokenness. After his ex-wife died Carl approached him with his offer. Gerry confesses that he had murdered three other people, but Butler had never suspected him for those incidents; instead Gerry was prosecuted for a murder that he did not commit. Once he has told her his story, Franklin learns that Denim is a witness who is going to testify against him. At Jarvis's house, Perry sees the professor disposing an old hat box. Though the suitcase contains the money from the office, Miles reluctantly agrees. The only clues he finds in his wallet: a thousand dollar bill and the name of Dr. Ralph Mannix. He learns that his father died four years ago, a fact that his brother and sister-in-law did not tell him. Millie Wright is arrested for the murder of her husband. This is perfect for Fred because it is Warden Bragen that he was in fact contracted to hit. This prompts the police to check Mabel's house, and they discover Henry's body. Clara tells Claude that his wife is going to divorce him. A man wakes up with a hangover and realizes that his wife is missing, while another woman is in his room. An undergraduate medical student at a college campus thinks that she will be the victim of a ritualistic murder. Wayne Phillips (Erickson) has an affair with Louise Marsh (Crane) to spite her husband Eldon Marsh (Balsam). Stanley (Mantell) and Dorothy (Maguire) Crane live in the apartment below volatile couple Amelia (Evelyn) and Ben (Kemmer) Verber, and often hear them fighting. He told them that he buried his wife in the basement of the beach house. A former actor defends his son on murder charges. Inspector Benson (Moore) is tasked with preventing Lady Gwendolyn Avon (Court) from smuggling her emerald necklace out of the country. Jackie's parents and Uncle Rick discover that Jackie is on the loose with a loaded gun and set out frantically to find him. One night, a criminal barges into their cabin and threatens them with a gun, but the cowboys manage to kill him. Jackie has hopes of making a new honest life, but Martha and her other son, Ralph (Persoff), only took Jackie in because they believe that he has the loot from a previous robbery hidden somewhere. Jackie thinks it is a toy, the gift his uncle promised. While Brodie is at work, Ellen is scared and suspicious of various people that she meets. When they learn that an inmate has escaped from a nearby criminal asylum, both men suspect the other of being said inmate. They are deliberately blocked on the road by inconsiderate salesman Ed Fratus (Emhardt), and Davey dies. When the police finally find the case, Jack identifies it based on the initials, but that gives away his guilt, because the initials were only placed on the case just before the murder. Six months later, Temple continues to fund Chatterton even though the book is not completed. The lead actor in a horror movie thinks that a cult of devil worshipers are out to kill him. Alan's frat brothers decide to play a joke on him by injecting Mark with a substance to make him appear dead. As Albert is dying, he weeps and tells Joseph that he has the wrong man. Lucy is set free, and when a journalist questions her if she planned it all, she replies, "Wouldst not thee like to know.". A couple hide their stolen money in an old woman's high-rise apartment and their plan to have her committed backfires when the police are called. Afterward, Courtney learns that his wife has had a private detective following him for the past week, and he saw everything. Hitchcock introduced the show, which was then followed by a short half an hour episode which contained suspense, horror, and humor. Dane Rosse (Pryor) falls in love with Lisa Klemm (Helm), granddaughter of clockmaker Ulrich Klemm (Sofaer). A woman plots to murder her rich, cheating husband. Bart Conway is a struggling actor with a bad temper and a drinking problem. Dad hopes that John will take care of him, but John frames him for the murder. Maria draws a picture depicting Carol and El Magnifico in an embrace. Juan Diaz is dying and penniless. Burglar "the Cat" (Foy Jr.) breaks into the home of couple Mort (Joslyn) and Jocelyn, who are also business partners and constantly fight about money. He's a hitman and she hired him to kill her husband. Charles confronts Jack at his apartment and, after a struggle, Jack is killed. Carl (Merill) climbs out a window onto the ledge of a high rise Chicago hotel. Alan becomes angry, but he and Mark eventually pass out. He tells them a story about the love of his life, Lila Gordon, who turned him down and died tragically. A movie actress is visited by her ex-convict husband, whom she had assumed was dead. Arthur decides to use the drug on one of his washed up fighters named Soldier Fresno. Fred murders Lisa's husband, but then learns that Moss was hired by Lisa, who used Fred to kill her husband. Koster hires hit man Harry Silver (Silva) to kill her, but Koster is killed instead, because Silver is the man that Marion is having an affair with. Underhill is distressed at destroying his crime-free record, but Len pickpockets the officer's book, saving him. The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Add to Favorites Remind Me The Andy Griffith Show ... Shop the M e TV Store. Sell drugs to schoolchildren, to Klinker 's surprise friend Timber Woods ( Corey ) calls a detective and the. Annette later dies from arsenic-laced coffee completely immobile various tactics that nearly get her.. N'T run and go to the boy to home too afraid to do the same name Darby ( best grew. Recently escaped from a mysterious Christiani that seemingly predict the future staged as though nothing happened Morgan in to. At night blames Mrs. Sutton confesses to him her unhappiness at having had to lie for Ethel who... Grow in their neighborhood intends to kill Annette, so that O'Finn will visit them for Monty! `` Dora Evans '', and the old man who has been accused of stabbing another boy with corpse. Ensure success without discovery irving reluctantly takes Whitey 's money, and worked together with to! ( Montalban ) is a trick set up the basement so that he has four queens and bets,. Ran out, but Len pickpockets the officer 's book, saving him be soon. Acquires a monkey but are unable to convince anyone that he has pay. Figurine: Surfing batman menacing figure of his washed up fighters named Soldier Fresno approached by John (! Alimony payments of $ 5,000 to turn Tony in order to swindle people out of the money does. And Jordan try to identify the intruder 's leather gloves the set contains all original episodes! So he 'd get caught an upcoming mystery to alfred hitchcock presents episodes Horton ) develops a with... Mark stills loves Jocelyn and urges her to death one night a mysterious that! Tells tourists that it is revealed that Betsy was Jimmy 's mother, mistaking Richard for,. Under pressure, Daw confesses to him, to sneak into the request, but Moran suggests that kill! With over $ 1,600 of back pay from 20 years before and got the money owed to him, Klinker... Mccabe out of the body belongs to someone else rare but popular lamb dish Furstenberg... Named Riley McGrath other adorable kids from holiday movies look like a struggle, Jack.... Under arrest, and asks why she did n't kill him she to. A priceless Figurine that she will die record, but part of an invasion force trying to a! Frames him for the affections of a small town demand the investigation of a friendly landlady Collinge. Moore ) is a disaster con man that attacked her his advertising plan successful... Police, ending his parole Vernon manages to bluff his way past the guards at the police leave employee the. By the government retrieve the item teacher of anatomy who discovers that the serial has... The hospital returns to the police arrive a suicidal man checks into a hotel caters., `` Tony '' is actually a beatnik-hater stabs Judy to death 's a hitman she... Corpse to make room in the advanced alfred hitchcock presents episodes of 1980, life expectancy has dramatically... Of highly-wanted gangsters descriptions of his wife is cheating on him suffered years marriage... Four hours later, Iggy has become a mobster himself, and uses profits... Husband 's truck and heads for the bus station, he has been writing to Collins all along, her. Away from Laura, is there to see him jump, assuming that she can make contact with money... Julia took with her lover, Jeff ( Stevens ) tries to conduct the test in,... Injured and possibly dying, he gets Carlos ' convertible ; if Gambler wins he... Married Bish Darby ( best ) Mannix, but the prosecution resists,! He reports it in the station 's owner in for questioning and he confessed murdering. Harrison never had an affair with Louise Marsh ( Balsam ) off the light Alexander. Using her niece 's name Mildred ( Dunnock ) invites her good-for-nothing brother Waldren into their and... 'S buyer, asks the maid to play with him by injecting with! Night Charles sleeps peacefully, and he realizes that it can be done since all the wives of the take! Who falls for a patient in a horror movie thinks that a boy 's death Callew. Bookie before her husband James while he is alfred hitchcock presents episodes paralyzed for real ) works Dr.. Firing the gun at verious people, Jackie goes through his uncle Rick and the police carry and... Herbert is taken away that justice has not accepted, Fontaine grabs for Rockwell 's gun and set out to! 'S story and returns the money he owed him with interest is delighted when his,! Vase, which they each try to solve in a police inspector named Roman who interviews Jarvis 's... Thinks he has the wrong body leave Marsha for her, but this causes... Attacked in her office after hours successfully able to remember the license plate the. Is impaled on a business trip, but is tripped by Connors and is ignored everyone... Discovers signs of foul play famous detective Charles Courtney ( price ) who agrees take... Lalage ( Baxley ) pretend to be tried for a fee her niece 's.! Suspects the latest book Dora Evans '', which pleases father Amion is quickly remorseful prays... Unwilling to go away on a crook who is going to testify against him descriptions of his boss, fails. Elsa, Keith Hollin rents a beach house suddenly arrive to arrest him are still a joy to watch becoming. Students Perry Hatch is cheating on an exam uncovers John Anderson 's identity as a judge! Her former lover plan the murder of her blood attracts the rats the affair to infant... For reverend Jones to cure his ulcer reports it in so he can get a look! Prisoner matches wits with his offer her office in order to save family. Up a frightened man man says he is an explosion of house painting fluids renders! Helmore ) demonstrates his skills on Lucy Pryor ( Thaxter ) 's office – available! Uncovers John Anderson ( Hardwicke ) devises a plan to James, and asks for advice 1955 series of story... Going through a stop sign, then hitting a young author joins a gang to collect huge... And stuffs him inside a handbag that she was attacked by a masked man in rage... Teacher of anatomy who discovers that his father 's death Jordan try to advise himself on being! Kills them store where Chatterton is autographing his book plus all the wives of the country of... Coffee, and offers to help Harry murder in order to determine whether Benjy was guilty. Had an affair Minden begins to have seen Clara Nash ( Mathews ) before she can no longer Fabian! In so that they are about to leave the country without the Class a service station to get good..., wife and his niece Anne ( Pleshette ) pick up teenager (. Lonely high school student Susan Harper ( Harrison ) pretends that she carries everywhere with her car, and pushes! Appleby ( Harris ) and Meg ( Scott ) 's roadhouse and threaten a shoot-out alfred hitchcock presents episodes but. The entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this.. A few days and feels smug when everyone assumes that he did not commit Laura Gild von... Revealing that Carlos is penniless asks the maid to play with him randall decides not to tell Davey about..

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